Advanced Imaging

At Roundhouse Referrals we provide access to CT and MRI on an outpatient basis.

Images are acquired quickly, meaning short sedation or anaesthetic times. 

While ‘imaging only’ scans can be performed, we strongly advise a ‘imaging and report’ service which will include a written report by a Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging. This gives you clear, concise additional information on your patient’s scan that can aid the accuracy of your diagnosis and treatment options. 

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Typical CT applications include:

  • Contrast studies – CT contrast urography, portosystemic shunts.
  • ENT: middle ear disease, nasal disease.
  • Orthopaedic – bone pathology, neoplasia, osteomyelitis, elbow dysplasia, 3D reconstructions.
  • Oncology – staging of thoracic and abdominal neoplasia.

Typical MRI applications include:

  • Intracranial disease: seizures, masses
  • Spinal disease: assessing for disc or neoplastic disease
  • Musculoskeletal: soft tissue injuries e.g. ligaments and tendons
  • Surgical Oncology: planning removal of complex tumours

Terms and Conditions of Imaging Only Service

Patients can be referred to us for CT and MRI imaging purposes only by other veterinary surgeons. We will co-ordinate the imaging of the case and you can either have the images sent back to you upon DVD, or we can image and arrange a full detailed report by a Diagnostic Imaging Specialist.

During outpatient imaging, the client will have an admission and discharge appointment with a VN, not our clinicians, and so will not be charged a referral consult fee. All patients will be examined by a veterinary surgeon prior to the sedation or anaesthesia administered to allow imaging.

Contrast media is often used in advanced imaging, and should be used with caution in patients with impaired renal or liver function.

Patients should therefore have had a blood sample to assess renal and hepatic parameters in the 2 weeks prior to the procedure. If this has not been done or the referring vet has not provided results of this we reserve the right to perform blood sample on the day of the procedure at an additional cost to the owner.

Clients will be expected to pay in full for imaging on the day of the procedure, no direct claims will be accepted. Please therefore ensure clients are aware of the costs before making the imaging referral. We accept most debit and credit cards and cash as forms of payment.

We will not discuss imaging result with the owners directly, give any treatments for the conditions being investigated or treatment recommendations *

(*except in emergency situations where the patient’s health and welfare is at risk, in such cases we will always try to contact you, the referring vet promptly, and keep you informed)

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