Orthopaedic Surgery

Roundhouse Referrals are able to undertake an extensive range of investigative and surgical orthopaedic procedures.

Fracture Repair 

We have a wide range of systems available to treat everything from simple long-bone to more complex joint fractures. This includes external fixators plus standard and locking plate systems.

Lameness Investigation

This challenging and sometimes complex cases may require advanced imaging techniques. We can investigate these cases using digital radiography, arthroscopy and have regular access to CT so that individual treatment programmes can be developed.

Growth Deformities

Growth deformities can cause abnormal limb alignment and abnormal loading of joints which predispose to pain and arthritis. X-rays and advanced imaging such as CT is useful to properly assess these and determine whether surgical management is required, and to plan the technique and procedure used, for example corrective osteotomy and or limb lengthening.


In joints that are severely traumatised or have advanced, painful osteoarthritis - fusion is often the most appropriate way of maintaining comfort and function. This may be of specific use to breeds such as Rough Collies and Shelties who are prone to collapse of their carpal and tarsal joints which can be greatly helped by arthrodesis.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopy is available to accurately diagnose and assist in the treatment of joint disease, for example, management of elbow dysplasia by allowing assessment and removal of the fragmented medial coronoid processes.  

Ligament and Tendon Injury

Injury to ligaments or tendons can be as a result of trauma, or in some breeds (such as Labradors) may be degenerative. Successfully managing these injuries often requires accurate repair of the ligament and rigid stabilisation of the joint with surgical implants while the damaged ligament heals.

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