Terms of Business


Thank you for choosing Roundhouse Referrals This document sets out the terms of the contract established between Roundhouse Referrals and you, the pet owner, which comes into being when you ask us to provide veterinary services.

Should you have any questions regarding any aspect of these terms of business, please do not hesitate to ask us.

General Conduct

The Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital and Roundhouse Referrals provides a safe place for our staff, our clients and their pets. No abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff or other clients will be tolerated under any circumstances. In addition, we will not tolerate hitting or smacking of pets.  

Any behaviour deemed to be inappropriate by the management may result in withdrawal of our services. Such a decision will be final and confirmed in writing. 

Our Practices

Roundhouse Referrals provide excellent care for pets in our care and provide pet health and emergency services from the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital: -

The Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital,

43-47 Cogan Road, Pollokshaws, G43 1BJ

Tel 0141-649-4949

Open Hours and Out of Hours Provision

The Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital,

M-F: 8am – 10pm

Sat & Sun: 9am – 5pm

Bank holidays: 9am – 5pm

Note: There is a veterinary professional on site at all times to monitor inpatient cases

Tel 0141-649-4949

We reserve the right to change the opening hours to but guarantee that we will always provide details of an alternative Emergency Care provider. In the event of this occurring details will be made available by way of our telephone system in the form of a recorded message.

Out of Hours Provision

Glasgow University Small Animal Hospital provides Out of Hours Emergency Care for our clients’ pets when our Hospital is closed.

M-Th: 10pm – 8am

Fri: 10pm – 9am

Sat: 5pm – 9am

Sun 5pm – 8am

The requirement to contact Glasgow University Small Animal Hospital will be communicated by way of our telephone system and a recorded message.

Glasgow University Small Animal Hospital,

Bearsden Road (Switchback Road), Glasgow, G61 1QH

More information on their service at www.gla.ac.uk/schools/vet/sah/services/ooh

Tel 0845-850-2080

Out of Hours Charges

In order to cover the costs of our in-house Out of Hours provision we charge a small premium on top of our consulting fee with a discount provided to “Pets’n’Vets Family Members”.

Pets’n’Vets Family Membership

A Pets’n’Vets Family Member is a Pet that has been vaccinated at a Pets’n’Vets Family Practice during the proceeding rolling 12-month period (excluding pets that have been specifically advised against vaccination by a veterinary surgeon).

Dogs and Cats may qualify for Pets’n’Vets Family Member status if they have been seen regularly over the preceding rolling year at our practices at Pets’n’Vets Family staff discretion.

All other (non-dog or cat) pets will be considered Pets’n’Vets Family Members so long as they have been examined by Pets’n’Vets Family Vets or Nurses during the preceding year.

In the case of new pets (ie within their first year of new ownership) and may not yet be requiring a vaccination or examination – such pets will only be considered Pets’n’Vets Family Members if they have been registered with the Pets’n’Vets Family in advance.

NB All Pets’n’Vets Family Membership will be considered null and void should an owner request that Pet’s history be sent to another Veterinary Practice. In this situation, the owner of the pet will be considered to have removed their pet from the practice. The only two exceptions to this are 1) in the case of a Pets’n’Vets Family organised referral or 2) in an emergency situation when it would be unsafe for the pet to travel to the closest Pets’n’Vets Family Practice.

In-house Out of Hours Charges

M-F: 7pm – 10pm: Pets’n’Vets Family Member Consultation- £59.85*, Non-Pets’n’Vets Family Members Consultation- £95.00*

Sat – Sun: Pets’n’Vets Family Member Consultation- normal consultation charge*, Non-Pets’n’Vets Family Members Consultation- £95.00*

Bank Holidays: Pets’n’Vets Family Member Consultation- £59.85*, Non-Pets’n’Vets Family Members Consultation- £95.00*

*all prices are inclusive of VAT

Glasgow University Veterinary School – Small Animal Hospital Out of Hours Charges

Up to date costs of Out of Hours Consultations can be established by telephoning the Small Animal Hospital on 0845-850-2080

NB All treatment and associated charges carried out by Glasgow Small Animal Hospital form part of a contact directly between Glasgow Small Animal Hospital and pet owner, the Pets’n’Vets Family cannot be held responsible for issues or problems arising from such.  

Payment Terms 
Payment is acceptable in the form of credit/debit cards (Maestro/ Solo/MasterCard/Visa/Visa Delta/Visa Debt), cash payments or cheques.

All fees are payable on admitting your pet and prior to treatment with the exception of the following: -

Pay Vet Direct Insurance Claims: We have the facility to offer Direct Claim Insurance subject to an Application Process. Clients must present all required insurance and banking documents at least 3 days in advance of the planned procedure. Clients will be required to sign a disclaimer and retain responsibility for their pet’s account until such a time as that account is completely clear. We have the right to refuse or revoke Pay Vet Direct Insurance Claim Applications at the discretion of the Partnership.

Please note we do not charge a fee for Insurance Claim processing.

Interest Free Credit: Roundhouse Referrals is able to facilitate Interest Free Credit over the period of 6, 10 or 12 months. We act as a credit broker and only offer credit facilities as provided by Carefree Credit Ltd. Credit is provided subject to an application process, age, status and a credit check and must be agreed with Roundhouse Referrals and Carefree Credit prior to the planned procedure. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Representative Example

Procedure Price


Total Repayable


Duration of Agreement

12 months

Amount of Credit


12 monthly Payments


Rate of Interest

            0% pa

0% APR Representative


Roundhouse Referrals does not offer an account facility. We reserve the right to withdraw treatment due to lack of payment, this may result in Veterinary treatments being withheld and released on limited bases and at the discretion of the Vet and for medical reasons. The Management or Vets cannot be held responsible for adverse effects on the animal due to failure of the owner to administer the appropriate medication (for whatever reason).

Roundhouse Referrals reserve the right to apply an administrative charge for non-forthcoming late payment. We also retain the right (after due notice) to refer non-paying clients to a debt collection agency.

Fixed Price Fix

Our ‘Fixed Price Fix’ and ‘Fixed Price Guarantee’ applies only to those animals meeting specific criteria (see specific details below). All animals over 25kg and under 8kg are excluded, all pets with co-morbidities or concurrent disease are also excluded.  We reserve the right to withdraw the ‘Fixed Price Fix’ and ‘Fixed Price Guarantee’ fro any animals referred to us and will only apply when specifically stated, in writing and following a clinical examination by Roundhouse Referrals Veterinary Surgeons. The Price should not and cannot be guaranteed in advance of the initial consultation and written confirmation.

The Fixed Price will not stand in the situation that an animal is found to have additional or more complex issues than was apparent prior to initiating treatment. In this case, the Fixed Price will be corrected and the owner will be contacted prior to continuing treatment.

The ‘Fixed Price Guarantee’ states that ‘Roundhouse Referrals will not charge for surgical revision required as a result of any issues within our control’ - where offered this specifically relates to the costs of surgical revision carried out as a result of surgical error, poor surgical technique or technique/implant/material selection. We cannot be held responsible for treatment failure due to client or referring vet failure to follow advised post-operative care protocols, pet behaviour (including self-trauma) or infection. Should the animal be treated or attend any another Veterinary/ Pet Service/ Pet Care provider in the Post-Operative Care Period (as set out in the Post-Operative Care Plan) for any reason (including emergency and Out of Hours treatment) the Fixed Price Guarantee will be Null and Void. The Fixed Price Guarantee does not include ongoing medications, physiotherapy or other modes of treatment and is limited to treatment options available at the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital and as advised by our Veterinary Surgeons – owners must be aware that there is a small risk of failure with all medical procedures and that surgical revision options may be limited or reduced. It does not include the cost of onward referral to another Veterinary Service provider. Our Fixed Price Guarantee is applicable to Post-treatment options for the period of one year after surgery or treatment was started. There is no financial alternative offered or implied.

Success of a treatment or surgery will be determined by the Roundhouse Referrals surgeons – as with any clinical treatment, success may not mean the complete absence or resolution of all clinical signs. Parameters for success of a specific patient will be outlined in advance of commencing treatment.

Should it be agreed that there is the need for a second opinion on a given case, Roundhouse Referrals will provide a written report compiled by a third party Veterinary Specialist – it is this report that will provide the framework, extent and limit to the Fixed Price Guarantee and will be honoured by all parties.  

Specific Terms and Conditions pertaining to Roundhouse Referrals Price List of Fixed Price Procedures: -

Patella Luxation: This Fixed Price Fix package price is for surgery of dogs <25kgs, it excludes those with grade 4 (fixed patella) and excludes those with femoral or tibial rotation requiring corrective osteotomy.

Cruciate: This FPF package price includes TTA and Extracapsular Suture procedures. Clients will be advised of the advantages and disadvantages for each procedure, and on occasion it may be necessary to review this advice following assessment of pre-operative radiographs.

Femoral Head and Neck Excision (FHNE): FHNE is performed for removal of pain and discomfort due to either fracture of the femoral head and neck or dislocation of the hip. Clients expectations of a successful outcome will be set in advance, a successful outcome will be deemed to be achieved by ensuring a reduction in pain and functional, if not entirely normal use of the affected limb.

Brachycephalic Airway Surgery (BOAS):The FPF package price includes X-ray assessment of the tracheal lumen diameter-to-thoracic inlet ratio. The surgery covered within the FPF BOAS package is a combination of nasoplasty, staphylectomy and removal of everted laryngeal saccules where such techniques are deemed appropriate to the individual patient’s needs. Additional concurrent conditions could be encountered in these patients, such as:  laryngeal collapse, tracheal collapse, or aberrant turbinates. The FPF package price will not include the surgical or medical management of additional conditions. Clients expectations of a successful outcome will be set prior to surgical admission. Clinical success will be deemed to be a functional improvement associated with the aforementioned structures not necessarily a resolution of respiratory noise or nature.

Total Ear Canal Ablation – Bulla Osteotomy (TECA-BO): The TECA-BO FPF package price includes pre-surgical assessment with X-ray where this is deemed clinically appropriate. Assessment using CT imaging may be essential for a proportion of patients and owners will be advised of this at the time of consultation. Should this occur, CT imaging can be arranged for a supplemental fee. If clients decline CT imaging when it has been advised, then the FPF package price will not apply.

Perineal Hernia: The Perineal Hernia FPF package price allows for abdominal imaging, using X-ray or ultrasound as deemed necessary, and surgical management of the stable patient. In dogs presenting with concurrent disease: such as displacement of the bladder or entrapment of intestine within the hernia, then supplemental charges may be applied. Similarly, supplemental charges may be applied if surgical mesh is required for hernia closure, or if additional abdominal techniques such as colopexy are required.  

Laparoscopic Ovariectomy: This FPF price is for ovariectomy performed as a sterilisation procedure in dogs over 10kgs. Whilst we are experienced in this technique, clients will be advised that conversion to open ovariectomy, or ovariohysterectomy may be required in a small proportion of cases and consent for this will be required at the time of hospital admission.

Ownership of Patient Notes and Records 
Patient notes and materials (such as X-rays) remain the property of Roundhouse Referrals. We will pass all case notes X-rays and results back to Referring Veterinary Practices and onto other Veterinary bodies at the request of clients.

Customer Feedback 
We look forward to working with you to keep your pet healthy and happy but, if at any time you have concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We actively welcome your feedback and can assure you that any issues raised will be appropriately addressed.

Competitions and Give-Aways 
From time to time we may run a competition or give-away. Competitions will be run and drawn in accordance with the law of the land and in the spirit of fun. No cash alternative is offered. The decision of the Practice Partners is final. Pets’n’Vets reserve the right to withdraw or discontinue any such initiative without notice.

Formal Complaints
Whilst we hope you will never have need to complain about our service, in the unfortunate event that you wish to raise a formal complaint with Pets’n’Vets we request that a formal letter setting out the grounds of the complaint are sent to the following address:

FAO: The Partnership, The Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital, 43-47 Cogan Road, Pollokshaws, G43 1BJ 

Upon receipt of your letter one of our team will investigate the details of your particular case and respond accordingly to you. We will endeavour to respond to a complaint within 7 working days of receipt if at all possible.

Changes in Policy 
No addition or variation of these conditions will bind the Practice unless it is specifically agreed in writing by one of The Pets’n’Vets Family’s Partners. No agent or person employed by or under contract with Pets’n’Vets has the authority to avoid, supplement, diminish, alter or vary these conditions in any way.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The statement above pertains to all Pets’n’Vets Family Practices including Queens Park Veterinary Surgery, Blantyre Vets, Mcdonald Vets and the Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital. If you have a query not covered by the terms and conditions herein please contact the practice.

Without prejudice

petsnvets rcvs

e: info@rhr.vet t: 0141 649 1316
a: 43-47 Cogan Rd, Glasgow G43 1BJ